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Our Local Partners

You need an industry partner that has the experience, knows the business and can offer you a product and service that you can stand behind. We have been providing San Diego designers, contractors, builders and architects with professional cabinets for over 20 years.

that you can stand behind. 

Whether you hand-off complete plans and specs or use our team to take over the design, planning and specifications of a space, we’ll be your partner to insure your project goes well.

With priority service and trade only pricing we’ll help preserve your profit while supporting you with excellent service and great quality. 

Our trade partners enjoy the use of our skilled design team when needed and above all our paint, stain, local fabrication and finishing shop offer huge advantages when it comes to installation time and dealing with the on-site surprises or change orders. 

With Seacoast Cabinets,  you can relax and know that we will take care of you in a timely matter that suits y our lifestyle.

We couldn't do our work without you!

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