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Meet the owner

Jack Montgomery

Cabinetmaking runs deep within the Montgomery family, since 1995. 

Owner Jack Montgomery continues to carry the torch today with his wife Tina and a fantastic team of cabinet builders and designers. 

When you see the Montgomery brand on your cabinetry, you’ve got much more than beautiful custom cabinets, you have the tradition of excellence. 

Our Mission

We strive to go beyond meeting our client’s needs and listen carefully to our client’s needs, goals and objectives. 

We are dedicated to ensuring that our projects are on time and on budget. And with the additional use of CAD, a three-dimensional visualization software, our clients are able to visualize their projects prior to completion.

We love building products for you! 

Bringing the best of today's kitchens.


"We build quality, custom cabinets for every room in the house"

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